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HOw can we help? Come try our Intro class This and Every Saturday at 8:30 am and It's FREE. http://www.crossfit246.net - To book your spot today.

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All About Progression!

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Let's make this our community event for August. Who's in?

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We're holding a couple of one day Planting/Garden Design Workshops at Nature Care on 23rd and 30th August - still places available. See the world differently! Email for a registration form. Pay on the day. gwdesigncourse@gmail.com

Informal Graduation award winner!
New courses for 2013 included evening classes, one day design workshop, a three week design workshop (Saturdays) all at Divi Southwinds and a three day workshop at Sugar Hill. In collaboration with Calyx Consulting we are offering our ever popular 'Backyard Gardening' workshop as well as three week workshops (Saturdays) concentrating on plant propagation (seeds, cuttings, grafting) and pests and diseases (id, plant clinic, control).

By: Garden Wall Designs

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We can begin to make sense of our eating by understanding how to grow the food. Any one interested?

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Garden Wall Designs

Let's Get Growing - Learn to grow herbs and veg in a more organic way! 27th September One Day Workshop 9am-4pm BBD130 - take home goodies as usual, great fun as usual, highly informative as usual! Register now - pay on the day. For more info and a registration form gwdesigncourse@gmail.com, sharon@andromedabarbados.com 433 9454, 824 5897

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August 13, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Please remember to collect your Thank you Passes from the box. Valid for the month of August. Many times we are given gifts and never use them.

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Understanding the Push press.

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The Dip-drive in the Push Press with Austin Begiebing


Member Of The Month

userHere we interview our member of the month and find out more about their CrossFit experience. The Member of the Month - Dionne Haynes. Read the full interview with Dionne.

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