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Post-workout press to handstand practice. #freestyleconnection

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5:30 class who's in?

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Signs of rhabdomyolysis

It is imperative that if you see signs or symptoms of rhabdomyolysis in your client (or yourself for that matter) that you get the client checked out at a hospital because of the potential pitfalls of acute renal failure in particular. If you suspect rhabdomyolysis, you should hydrate a lot to help flush the kidneys of myoglobin.

Hydration is extremely important because it helps preserve kidney function and is also a potential risk factor for rhabdomyolysis in the first place. If you’re trying to be hard on your clients to get the most out of them that is good, but if they want a drink of water ALWAYS allow them to do so.

1. Dark-brownish colored urine (does not always occur as it is a continuum of damage.. however, if you get this symptom drink lots of water with eletrolytes and GO TO A HOSPITAL!).

2. Localized edema (swelling/puffy looking areas). Watch out for compartment syndrome which is so much swelling/edema that it impedes drainage of the veins and lymphatic system thus increasing pressure leading to ischemia (lack of oxygen) to the limb. You can possibly lose a limb or die.

3. Constant muscular and joint soreness (regular scheduled workouts -> soreness doesn’t go away). Chronic DOMS indicates insufficient recovery of the muscles and gives the client a higher susceptibility to get an acute case of rhabdomyolysis.

4. Muscle weakness. Now, DOMS is associated with decreased muscle strength; however, if a client has significantly decreased muscle strength after recovery with no soreness there is a strong chance they had at least a mild form of rhabdomyolysis.

Even if you’re a very good trainer, be aware of the indicators of rhabdomyolysis in clients and even in other people who do intense physical activity. It could potentially save lives!


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